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Network Installations

Speedy IT Networks is Houston’s best information technology service to keep your business network and internet connection up and running. We start by utilizing the industry’s best surge protectors and (UPS) battery backups to prolong the life and reliability of your computers and network equipment. We install a well labeled and organized network architecture. Your network will be built with redundancy in case of physical failure. Then, we protect your server and endpoint devices with industry best cloud-based autonomous cybersecurity to prevent ransomware, infections, and breaches. We remotely manage your Cloud OS Console to monitor and effectively maintain your entire network. As a key component to achieve up-time, we install a cellular LTE internet failover device to counter ISP outages. Plus, we implement cloud and onsite backups for data disaster recovery. Speedy IT provides exceptional customer service to insure satisfied clients.

Expanded details that separates our services from the others

Smart Surge Network Protection

We protect your network equipment from all levels of power surges, spikes, and dirty power issues. Smart Power is the ONLY Transformer Based Power Filter (TBF™) power protection of its kind! More impressive, all our TBF surge protectors carry a lifetime warranty.  To reduce unexpected issues due to constant dirty power we implement Smart Power Systems “Always Working” TBF™ surge protection to all your network and endpoint equipment. The single most important factor why Speedy IT implements this product is to effect longevity and greatly reduce hardware and software issues.


Speedy IT installs Ubiquiti UniFi network equipment because of its reliable and cost effective flexibility. Our network design incorporates internet and device redundancy to greatly reduce network failure points. Thus, we are able to almost eliminate any network disruptions. Here’s a list of key network service highlights:

LTE backup internet
When the internet provided by your primary ISP goes down, we incorporate LTE backup equipment to instantly provide cell data internet to keep your business network running.

Controller Redundancy
Hardware failures are a part of life. When this event occurs, our network design includes redundant controllers and switches to keep things rolling.

Aggregation Switching
Allows multiple network connections to be bundled together into a single link. This enables increased bandwidth and better network speed and performance.

Clean & Labeled Installation
Professional networks not only work as advertised but they look professional. Clean installation and labeling helps cut troubleshooting issues that may arise.


Upgrade your network connectivity with Cat 6 Ethernet cable for speed and optimal performance. Cat 6 cable offers numerous benefits, including faster data transmission, improved bandwidth, and reduced interference. With our professional labeling, termination, and testing services, we ensure that your Cat6 cable installation is done right the first time. Enhance your network infrastructure with reliable Cat 6 cable, allowing your business to stay connected and productive.

For longer distances, Speedy IT will install Fiber optic cables because they can transmit data faster and over longer distances than Cat 6 copper cables. Fiber optic cables can transmit data at close to the speed of light, while Cat 6 cables max out at 40 Gbps. Fiber optic cables can also transmit data over distances of up to 24 miles, while Cat 6 cables are limited to 100 meters.


Intrusion Detection & Prevention
UniFi’s network cybersecurity intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS) guards against potential threats that originate both within and outside of the network.

This dynamic system swiftly detects and blocks suspicious activity that could signal a security compromise based on a real-time database of known cyber threats.

Endpoint Protection
SentinelOne delivers the defenses you need to prevent, detect, and undo—known and unknown— Ransomware threats. Failing to protect your network from ransomware could cost a business millions.


Data backups is a vital step to protect your important electronic businesses files. When a hard drive goes down, professional onsite and cloud backups are set in place for fast data recovery of your server and all endpoint devices.


Things happen! When network hardware fails before the protection warranty period expires, Speedy IT has you covered.

Expedited Replacement
Receive your equipment replacement before we receive your returned item.

Free Return Shipping
Your replacement includes a prepaid shipping label.

Extended Coverage
Enjoy complete peace of mind with five-year replacement protection.


Our 24-hour phone support coverage ensures you receive rapid, highly-skilled technical assistance during and outside of business hours for ultimate assurance.