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Question & Answers

Over several decades, our customers have asked similar questions. Below are answers to the most common discussions we have had with our clients. Our goal is to answer questions using simple explanations instead of technical jargon.

Why should I use your smart surge protectors?

No other surge protectors use (TBF™) patented technology. Transformer-Based Power Filter (TBF™) filters bad electricity that is harmful to electronic devices. No other surge protectors can filter bad power. They can only “trip-off” when a dangerous high level of power is detected. We exclusively use Smart Power Systems brand of TBF™ products. Smart Power Systems are the only product that offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on TBF™ products.

Why do you use SentinelOne ransomware software?

Simple! For many years, we have never had a single device infected by ransomware. There is no such product that can claim to be 100% effective against all threats. If ransomware or another threat infects our customer’s devices, SentinelOne boasts a unique “rollback” feature to restore the infected device back to a clean state.

Our Internet goes down often, how does Speedy IT Prevent This?

When the internet goes down at your business, we incorporate LTE backup equipment to instantly provide cellular data to keep your internet running.

Also, our installed networks incorporate device redundancy to greatly reduce network failure points. Thus, we are able to almost eliminate any network disruptions for better reliability.

Why is a technology Budget IMPORTANT?

Just like your vehicle has monthly insurance and periodic maintenance costs such as oil changes and needs tires, your computers and networks have operational costs too.

According to research, an average of 2-7% of US small business revenue goes to IT-related costs. So if your business makes $600,000 a year, you can expect to spend anywhere from $1000- $3500 on your information technology-related costs every month.

Thus, Speedy IT will help our clients with a sensible IT budget so when equipment fails, software needs updating, or other issues arise your business will be prepared financially to handle these costs.

How come you don't markup hardware equipment?

We know there are superior key components in our approach that cost more than common equipment and software that other companies use.

Buying technology equipment direct saves you money, this savings makes-up for the difference of higher cost of advanced computer and network products.