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Surge Protectors

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Surge Protectors

Office Plus (UPS)

Protect all office equipment with the ultimate Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with Transformer Based Power Filter (TBF™). Best power protection solution with UPS, surge protection, and electronic power conditioning.


  • Power outages
  • High voltage surges & lightning
  • Low voltage transient noise
  • Prolonged over voltage

Venus Plus (UPS)

Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery Backup with Patented Electronic Power Conditioner (TBF™). High performance power protection and battery backup, ideal for computers and mission-critical equipment. Prevent power related service calls.


  • Blackouts – With battery backup
  • Spikes and surges – With TBF™ Technology
  • Under or over voltage fluctuations with automatic voltage regulation
  • Lightning – With surge protection

Copier Guardian II

Copier Guardian II is a complete power filter solution that offers comprehensive power protection for copiers, fax machines, phone systems, and other office equipment. Transformer Based Power Filter (TBF™)

Performance Factors

  • Common mode noise filtering < 0.5 volts
  • Normal mode noise filtering < 10 volts
  • Faulty wiring detection
  • Surge protection
  • Prolonged over voltage protection
  • Correct harmonic distortions (model dependent)

Guardian Smart TBF™

High voltage surge and lightning protection – Stops dangerous surges from damaging computers and other microprocessor-based electronics. Upgraded ground loop protection and is the only (TBF™) product of its kind. Backed with a lifetime warranty.

Performance Factors

  • Common-mode noise filtering
  • Normal-mode noise filtering
  • Faulty wiring detection
  • Surge protection
  • Prolonged over voltage protection
  • Correct harmonic distortions (model dependent)
  • Compatible with GFCI circuit

Smart Cord

Lifetime surge protector with patented electronic power conditioner (TBF™). Compact surge protector to protect computer/IT equipment, point of sale systems, modems, and many other electronics that don’t require a UPS.

Performance Factors

  • Common mode noise filtering
  • Normal mode noise filtering
  • Faulty wiring detection
  • Surge protection
  • Prolonged over voltage protection
  • Correct harmonic distortions (model dependent)

DSS Rack/Tower UPS

Uninterruptible power supply that provides an unmatched level of power and protection to your servers. With our DDS-RT-TBF, you are able to get the correct amount of power no matter the environment in which you are working. This UPS system is the first of its kind, offering you a power source through a Transformer-Based Filter, and giving you the functionality of an electric power conditioner.

  • .9 Power Factor
  • Pure Sinewave
  • Line Interactive
  • Switchable Load Banks
  • Adjustable LED Display
  • Rack Mount or Tower Position
  • 1500VA-2200VA
  • Software Included

Power Protection Applications

All-In-One POS Terminals

Back Office Servers

Desktop Printers

Kitchen Printers

Network Lines

Routers, Modems, Hubs

Casino Equipment

Self Service Scanners

POE Phone Systems

Workstation Computers


Digital Signs

Cash Registers




A Transformer-Based Power Filter, or TBF™ for short, is a revolutionary, patented technology that is embedded in every Smart Power System power protection device. Simply put, TBF™ is the most effective technology for regulating power so that issues like power spikes, surges and noise do not affect the ability of your equipment to operate properly. TBF™ technology eliminates power issues that cause disruption, degradation and destruction to electronic components.

Why Power Protection is Critical to System Performance

  • Reduce unnecessary service calls due to power issues
  • Eliminate downtime due to power related problems
  • Lifetime warranty on all TBF™ products
  • Protect your investment by reducing the need to repair or replace equipment and components

High voltage surges and low voltage spikes are causes of system failures and interruption causing thousands of service calls annually on all types of electronic systems — resulting in service calls that are avoidable. Smart Power Systems TBF™ technology delivers unparalleled performance surge protectors defend against minor and severe spikes and surges that comprise almost 90 percent of power related problems.

Connected Equipment Protection Policy

At Smart Power Systems, we stand behind the quality and reliability of our power protection products. That is why we offer comprehensive $25,000 Connected Equipment Protection Policy. If the Smart Power Systems equipment fails and this failure allows a surge to pass through and damage the connected equipment, Smart Power Systems will pay for the repair or replacement of the connected equipment in accordance to our Connected Equipment Protection Policy. Click here for additional details on our Connected Equipment Protection Policy. Submit RMA Here